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Zara stores here in Vienna are always full no matter how early I go, I often wonder at what time do people work! So I decided to order some shoes online that finally arrived last week.
I realize that as much as I love Zara, I don't own as many shoes from there. I really like how they pack every pair in a box, something we don't get in stores here.
Shopping is an experience I truly love but some stores are just too crowded for me to handle, this was my first time ordering online and think I will do it more often, zero stress!

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Satin High Heel Sandal - €49,95

I have seen these sandals in black around a lot! There are so simple and pretty, very comfortable too.
I don't know why but I love green shoes.

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High Heel Sandal with Wide Straps - €69,95

I was actually thinking of not buying these ones. They didn't look so beautiful on the webpage (that being the reason why I, sometimes, hate online shopping). But I am so happy with them, they are gorgeous! I actually bought them because of the color more than anything else, as I don't think I have any in this hue.

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Pointed High Heel Shoe - €49,99
I am very in love with these shoes, I think the picture doesn't do it justice! The color is so beautiful, I can't wait to wear them, hopefully next week for a birthday party, let's hope it gets warmer.

I went to the store yesterday and I couldn't find any of them anymore, they aren't listed online either, I am glad I decided to buy them when I did!

gif shoes, gif, shoe haul, zara haul, zara shoe haul, shopping haulDo you buy shoes from Zara?
What are your favorite pairs?
Is your Zara always crowded as mine? What are your favorite from these?
Let me know in a comment.


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  1. I like the wide strap high heel sandals and the royal blue heels. I have never bought shoes from Zara. They are such a popular store so they are doing a lot right. Thanks for sharing pictures of your treasures. I am happy I visited your blog for the first time.